How can I return items?

If you would like to return an item please reach out via email to: and we will help you contact the brand you purchased from. Once you submit a request to return an item, a SAPIA representative will review your request and will forward it to the brand you had purchased from.

Can I cancel an order?

If you purchased incorrect items or got the wrong quantity or bought from a brand you didn’t intend to, then you are able to cancel your order within the first 24 hours simply by calling us or emailing us.
These time limits were put to enable our brands to stop the order before they start investing time & materials to make your goods or prepare them for shipment. If, for some reason, you wish to cancel outside of that 24 hour window then we would ask you to contact us, explain the reason for the cancellation, and we will do our best to accommodate.

Please be aware of our return policy:

    1. If it falls outside of the brand’s return policy then we wouldn’t be able to assist you with the return.
    2. We can't accept returns for testers or sample items.
Please note that we plant a tree for each order that hasn’t been returned (this is done at the end of each month). If the brand approves the return of the items then she will contact you to coordinate the pick up. SAPIA asks all its brands to enable returns up to 14 days but they may choose otherwise. To be sure, please make sure to review the brand's policy (accessible from the product page) before you complete the purchase.

To apply for extended return periods under “Buyer protection” email us at

Covid-19 benefit: We will cover the shipping costs & coordinate any authorised returns during the Covid-19 period to help support your business.

How does the return process work?

You have to ensure that your items are:
    1. In a great condition (not damaged, not deformed, not ripped etc). Truly in top shape.
    2. Unopened and unused.
    3. Without any added labels, tags, stickers, drawings, glue on them.
    4. Specify which products and how much quantity per each item you wish to return.
    5. Write down the reason for returning the items.
    6. Suggest possible pick up dates and times (3 options please).
    7. Email us all the details to, with all the above mentioned information including an image of the goods you wish to return.